OCABond.com is supported by AGDisplays, an advanced display solutions company. This site was created to provide general information about various LCD bonding processes. Utilizing AGDisplays’ bonding service aids in configuring LCD and touch screens pertinent to your project design. Our resources support an end-product to meet your panel’s unique functionality needs. AGDisplays specializes in creating LCD panels that are maximized to perform according to our customers’ project design builds. We are dedicated to providing  customers with practical LCD solutions, panel kit resources and custom design services. We are a trusted  partner and we are dedicated to the success of our customers.


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AGDisplays provides the following services. Visit our website to learn more!

NVIS Integration and Design
OCA, Optical & Bonding Services
FAA & Industrial Repairs
Custom LED & Controllers
Touch Screen Integration & Design
Custom Glass Supply Services
Turnkey & Design Services
EMI Shielding
Film Enhancements & Repolarization
Drop-In Replacement Services
Component Assembly & Integration
Zero Pixel Inspection
Excess Panels & Drop-In Replacement