Mobile Bonding

Using our advanced technology and equipment, AGDisplays now offers optically clear adhesive bonding for industrial panels and mobile devices. We repair industrial panels and mobile devices requiring cover glass replacement. Our bonding service provides superior strength and durability while improving optical clarity and picture quality.

When mobile phone displays are broken, it is often only the front cover glass that suffered damage. Due to the manufacturers using OCA to adjoin the LCD and cover glass at the manufacturing stage, it makes replacing only the broken cover glass impossible.

The specialized equipment, processes, and replacement parts allow AGDisplays to remove the broken component and reuse the functional LCD display, thus lowering the overall cost for complete display assemblies. When repairing a percentage of the broken displays at lesser cost than purchasing new displays, this allows the need for 100% new parts to decrease. The repair service for these mobile displays is typically half the cost of the new display assemblies, so the customer can offset their replacement cost and lower their overall cost by cost averaging the repaired unit cost into the new assembly cost.

For our repair service of mobile devices, AGDisplays is outfitted to allow testing of the mobile phone display while in its broken state. A thorough inspection will allow us to segregate and identify units suffering only frontal glass damage, and therefore making that LCD display available for refurbishment.

Our experienced team services inspects each display individually to diagnose cover glass or touchscreen defectiveness and LCD repairability potential. After ensuring repairability, our professional team uses an advanced optically clear adhesive to fuse the existing LCD to a new touch screen or new cover glass, creating a blemish and scratch-free surface.

Our advanced OCA prevents and protects end-users’ industrial panels from further damage due to natural wear and tear.

At AGDisplays, our mission is to provide you with a service from a company you can trust. We make every effort to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. We recognize the importance of continually improving the processes and quality control within the management system.