Tape Bonding

When optical bonding is not practical for your LCD, AGDisplays offers perimeter bonding. Perimeter bonding helps your company save on costs while still ruggedizing your panels sufficiently. Our tape bond services provide a secure bond that increases productivity, long-term durability and improved appearance.

Optical Bond

AGDisplays’ optical bonding service is our best performance of all our bonding services. Optical bonding is ideal for industries such as military, avionics, and medical, because of the durability our bonding service provides. We use nothing less than the industry-standard in bonding material and in-house processes.

OCA Bond

Save up to 65% when you select OCA bonding over full optical bonding.

Optically clear adhesives (OCA) are used to bond LCD panels, mobile devices and touch screen displays. Adding an OCA bond to industrial TFT-LCDs is essential in adding superior strength and durability while improving optical clarity and picture quality.

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