Touch Panel Bonding

Often, touch panel modules and glass covers use perimeter bonding to bond the two units into one. This creates a structural and optical weakness. The layer of air gives reduces the panel’s optical clarity by adding another layer of refraction. This reduces visibility and clarity for the user. The layer of air also creates a space for the collection of dust, water and contamination.

Our optically bonded touch panels are created with adhesives that boost optical visibility and characteristics. Compared to having a touch panel/cover glass pair with a perimeter bond, bonding increases durability of the touch panel module.

Reducing the layers of reflection improve the overall optics of the final solution and offer better readability in all environments.

Features include:

  • Increased Readability
  • Strengthened Durability
  • High Adhesion
  • UV Protection
  • Improved Optical Performance
  • Whitening and Yellowing Resistant
  • Outgassing Resistant